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"You have our experience available when you need it most"

You have our experience available when you need it most


Superyacht Captains worldwide are finding our support service beneficial to the smooth running of their yacht.



Leading our Australian yacht management and crewing operations, Tony Hashfield has spent over twenty five years operating super yachts with hands on experience in the running of large vessels, his expert knowledge in sail training, coupled with some serious sea-time as Captain, has given Tony a firm understanding of the efficient operation of vessels today and ensuring that an owner gets the very best out of their vessels.

Yacht Management
Our clients can receive a well balanced portfolio of management services. Complimenting the way you operate your vessel, our full shore side management service is useful for offshore registered vessels where complex tax and liability issues may be a concern. This service not only acts to centralize the communications, accounting and marine aspects relating to Superyacht ownership, but also ensures that your yacht operates to the highest of international marine industry and Superyacht standards.

For Owners who enjoy taking an active role in the management of the yacht, you can draw on any number of our useful services to assist you. Please contact us for further information.

Captain's Support

Superyacht Captains worldwide are finding our support service beneficial to the smooth running of their yacht.  

With busy 'back-to-back' charter seasons and many owners maximizing the use of their vessel, today's Captain has little time to take care of the day to day operation, management, planning and accounting duties aboard the yacht. Shore support through SuperYacht Technologies is a convenient, cost effective solution.

SuperYacht Technologies management team are responsible for the management of yachts on a global level. 

We can assist with many of the shore side activities such as;
:: spares location and supply
:: equipment overhaul and replacement
:: organizing up-coming yard projects
:: crew payroll
:: crew replacement and travel
:: regulatory and class inspections or certificates
:: satellite communications registration
:: radio license applications
:: vessel paperwork or any logistical assistance required
:: mail and message forwarding

These services can be as simple as a one-time request or an on-going service taking care of any shore side support desired.

Other Areas of Support:
Foreign yachts operating in Australia 
Dockwise transport Australia
Completed Projects