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Yacht Marine Surveys

SuperYacht Technologies Surveying Department can navigate you cleanly through the various surveys that are required for yachts of all sizes. The surveying of yachts falls into a number of types of survey. Our Australian surveying Department can assist you with the type of survey required for your vessel. Efficiently deciding on the type of survey required can save you time and money. All our SYT and Affiliate surveys have been accepted by the insurance companies and more importantly, the survey reports will give a good understanding of the vessel and its status.

Here are just a few examples of the type of marine surveys we provide ......

Damage Survey 

Focusing on specific damaged caused as the result of an accident . This survey will also cover any aspects which might constitute a liability or costs issue. The survey may also provide details on the best type of repair work and the approximate cost to complete the tasks.

Registration Survey

This survey will determine the type and identification of the vessel in broad terms. This survey may also cover safety and survey matters related to the requirements of the registration authority.

Regulatory Survey

This survey covers the vessel and its ability to meet the regulatory requirements. For instance: bringing the vessel into survey for "Queensland commercial registration" or bringing the vessel into the Marine Coastguard Agency code. The survey covers the regulations and any advisories for bringing the yacht into compliance with regulations.

Valuation Survey

This survey focuses on the market value of the vessel and making a considered opinion on the value in "Today's Market". These reports can be used for Marine mortgage or marine insurance purposes.

SOLAS and MCA Code of Practice Consultancy

This survey covers items required onboard the vessel to meet the various codes. This includes: safety equipment, safety systems and crew manning requirements laid down by the International Marine Organization.

Import/customs survey for vessels arriving in Australia

This survey covers foreign charter vessels intending to operate in Australia and will draw of the specialist requirements of foreign vessels operating in Australian waters.

SYT is part of the SuperYacht Technologies Group and provides expert advice for litigation and arbitrational purposes, the SYT group has a proven track record in Australia, USA and Europe and has conducted over 1000 Marine related surveys during the past few years. For further information contact today.

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