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Yacht Transporting

on Dockship

United States to Australia

With the new Yacht transportation service from Australia into the United states, sailing from Brisbane into Ft Lauderdale, SuperYacht Technologies are able to provide a seamless support service in Australia and the United States. With our expert knowledge we can assist with all aspects required to keep your yacht in service at both destinations. We can assist with Dockship loading and discharge and provide advice on refit options and contractors in the united states and Australia.

A brief of SYT services include;
:: Yacht unloading and berthing, management support
:: Global regulations that apply to your vessel
:: Crew and immigration regulations
:: Cruising permits
:: Insurance advisories and customs tax advisories
:: Berthing and yard options in the United states

Other Areas of Support:
Foreign yachts operating in Australia 
Completed Projects
Management & Operations